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Bouncing is Both Fun and Safe with Vuly Play

Trampolines bring a world of fun and enjoyment to children young and old, and are just as great for your health too. Regular bouncing can improve fitness, strengthen bones and increase flexibility, but did you know that it can also play a large part in your child’s growth and development too?

For kids with disabilities or special needs, trampolining can be so much more than just a lot of fun. It can play a valuable part in therapy, improve self-confidence and behaviour, and relieve stress and anxiety.

Beyond the obvious health and fitness benefits, trampolining can make a difference in your kids’ life in many other ways too.

  1. Improves motor skills

Bouncing requires children to use both sides of their body at the same time, which is great for their bilateral motor skills and also leads to improved coordination, muscle control, dexterity and kinaesthetic awareness. For kids with intellectual disabilities or developmental coordination disorders, studies have shown that trampolining can have a positive effect on balance and motor skills as well as on their enjoyment and motivation to exercise.

Plus, a flow-on effect of improved motor skills is improved sleep, concentration and focus, which can help kids do better at school.

  1. Encourages socialisation and engagement

Trampolining is a great way to develop social skills and engage with others. It encourages conversation and interaction, providing a safe place where kids can practise taking turns and playing games with simple rules.

A lot of kids find it difficult to interact with others in a normal school environment, but a trampoline encourages healthy and fun socialisation through an exciting shared activity.

  1. Stimulates the senses

Kids with autism and sensory integration disorders can benefit from the sensory regulation that comes with bouncing on a trampoline. The repetitive stimulation of bouncing on the rebounding surface is soothing and can help hypersensitive children learn to realign their sensory systems, while the focused activity of bouncing can also help when they are feeling over-stimulated and need to calm down.

The innovative team at Vuly Play have designed a great range of trampolines that focus just as much on safety as they do on fun. Using patented technology and cutting-edge design, Vuly Play trampolines are ideal for children with disabilities or special needs thanks to their sturdy frames and enclosures, soft edges and double-sided safety padding.

So what are you waiting for? Regular bouncing can make amazing changes in your kids’ life – discover the benefits for yourself with Vuly Play.

Published Date: September 17, 2010
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